#HillaryClinton – “Because they look at what they think I can do for them.”

Still waiting to hear clear and developed plans to help American families and workers. I’m glad she has the support of people who think she can do “something” for them.  What she can do for her colleagues? What about the American people? This is not a good old folks club where the haves play around with our tax dollars and throw us some I’m voting for the candidate who wants to lead regardless of the perks. I’m voting for the candidate who does not take money from big corporate interest, from for-profit prisons, and the banking industry that nearly crippled our country. I’m voting for the Keep thinking she’s different.

The DNC has shown that it is out of touch with America. Coming off of another round of losses in 2014, the party is doubling down on business as usual instead of digging deep and making needed changes. Party leadership, union leadership, and current elected officials are looking out for themselves. They are not focusing on the people across the 50 states.  They are not reaching out and engaging disenchanted voters.  They are not developing solutions for real issues facing real communities. Bernie is the only one not on the take. It’s time to show them who is really in charge. One person, one vote mean something. Let’s make it count!

Find a way to get involved. Organize a debate watch party! Pass out info flyers.  Every little bit helps.  I know many of us are busy between work, school, and family commitments but look up events near you! Take along the kids, it might count as volunteer hours for school. Need more information? Still not too sure about Bernie Sanders? Check out FeelTheBern!

“But the fact now that I have so many of my Democratic colleagues, present and former, in the House and the Senate, out in state Houses who are lined up to say, you know, ‘This is the person we want to see as president,’ is very gratifying,” she said. “Because they look at what they think I can do for them.” (emphasis added). 

With just two weeks to go until the first Democratic debate, Clinton tells MSNBC’s Chuck Todd that Democrats have lined up behind her, not Sanders.

Source: Hillary Clinton’s not-so-subtle message to Bernie Sanders | MSNBC


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