We Need to Talk About the Democratic National Committee Chairperson

Three days ago, I wrote a post about the DNC.  (See here The DNC – “This Organization is Powered by You!”) The DNC has a huge problem and little Debbie is only the tip of the iceberg.

The Esquire article below further explores the serious issues with the current DNC chairperson.

“There is no greater mystery in politics right now than the continued employment of Debbie Wasserman Schultz as chairperson of the Democratic National Committee. I can almost understand the continued employment of obvious anagram Reince Priebus on the other side; he’s an amiable lapdog who will sit up, roll over, and yip obvious nonsense on command. And, besides, he’s the emptiest suit in American politics, there not being an institutional Republican party worthy of the name any more. He can do very little harm and nobody listens to him anyway.

But DWS is quite another matter. Despite her constant presence in the nation’s Green Rooms, I’m damned if I can see what she’s accomplished as a national chairperson. (Priebus has accomplished Staying The Hell Out Of The Way, which is something.) She’s presided over a catastrophic midterm election cycle that produced the worst Congress in the recent history of the Republic. And now, on at least two occasions in the past year, DWS has gone out of her way to break with the president on important foreign policy initiatives. First, she took a dive on the opening the president made with Cuba, because she is from Florida and very frightened. And now, it appears she has decided to play shenanigans with the Iran nuclear deal, both as a congresscritter and, worse, as DNC chairperson.”

via We Need to Talk About the Democratic National Committee Chairperson.


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