Breaking Through, Not Breaking Down: Reframing Our Tough Moments


I recently posted about a “breakdown” I had a few days ago on my late grandmother’s birthday.  Over the past few days I realized, that I didn’t “breakdown” but instead I had a “breakthrough.” I had pushed through to a new level of self-awareness and understanding. No longer did I hide behind the mantle of capability and superhuman status. I knew I couldn’t do it all, I just forgot to go back and tend to the stuff I had been pushing away.  While talking to a friend/colleague, she noted that our personal framing shapes how we move on from a difficult situation.

Whether the loss of a family member, end of a relationship, or loss of employment we can always leverage the negative into a positive leading to a breakthrough. My cousin was stuck in a position she did not want. She did not feel respected. She walked out on faith…

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