We Are Our Mountain’s Keeper: The Fight for the Soil & Soul of Appalachia

Sharing from a friend…good read.

Virally Suppressed - Muckraking For The Modern World

West Virginia is no country for young men. Nor is it a country for old men, brown men, poor men or women. West Virginia is a country for rich men; men with no names and no faces who live far away from her borders and sip bottled water as they foul everyone else’s. These men think that West Virginia’s land is their land, but it’s not. No one can ever truly own that land. They can bulldoze it, dynamite it, dig great big holes in it and build on it, but they can never own it. To own is to possess and I have yet to meet the man who can possess something after he’s dead. Sure, we’ve got all sorts of rules and laws in this country for protecting people’s stuff while they’ve got life in ’em and for making sure that stuff gets passed on to their kin…

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