‘France Tries To Mask Its Islamophobia Behind Secular Values’ | Pranay Sharma

Democracy is grounded in principles of liberty and equality.  We should not allow racist and oppressive imagery with the real purpose of dehumanizing and devaluing people to be protected under the guise of “freedom of expression.”

Pakistan-born British commentator Tariq Ali seldom minces words. As a political activist, journalist, writer and film-maker, he has cou­rted controversy and ruffled many feathers. But over the years he has also built up a huge base of followers and admirers much beyond London, where he stays. The firebrand leader of the 1960s campus movement, now all of 71, shows no signs of mellowing with age. In this interview with Pranay Sharma, he charateristically refuses to pull any punches, while talking of the attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris, the Islamophobia in the West and the ‘double standards’ Europe adopts while talking about ‘freedom of expression’.”



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